Copywriting & Content Strategy

Content your audience really wants, produced in the way that search engines love.

  • Content auditing & optimisation: if you’ve got great content and it isn’t performing as planned, let’s find out why – and fix it. Auditing options are scalable, from a single page to a full site review, and you can choose to implement fixes yourself or leave it all to me.
  • Content strategy: stop throwing copy at the wall and hoping it sticks – let’s ensure your content strategy provides audiences with the information they want in the formats they prefer.
  • Copywriting: because sometimes, you just need someone to write the damn stuff. From blog posts and whitepapers to product pages and category FAQs, I’m here to help.

Go on then, let’s have a few more details.

What about copywriting?

I bl**dy love a bit of copywriting. I have experience crafting copy for all manner of industries in a variety of formats, including:

  • eCommerce product and category pages – with or without FAQs
  • informational blog posts – from “How To” guides and Top 10s to deep-dives on B2B and B2C topics
  • brand and author bio information
  • data-led whitepapers and PR campaign landing pages
  • podcast and video transcriptions
  • thought leadership articles (ghostwritten, so you get all the glory)

As with my other services, copywriting can be quoted on either a project or a retainer basis. Just need a few pieces written as a one-off project? No problem. Got a whole content strategy ready and noone to produce that content? Let’s discuss an ongoing fee so that I can work through it for you.

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